The Great White? Nope.

Playing the "visible minority" game in Montreal. Can you find one?

This first post is sort of a one-off.

I went to Montreal last week with my girlfriend and a friend of ours, and while we were there, I constantly (their emphasis, not mine) referred to Montreal as being “not very diverse”.

Well, I looked it up. Montreal proper has about 1.6 million people 25% of whom are listed as a “visible minority” (which I think is sounds like something you’d hear on COPS) with Blacks (7.7%) and Arabs (4.3%) topping the list.

Let me tell you: while I was there, I felt like a “visible minority”.

Everywhere we went, the Quebecois ran up to me saying, “Beat McCain! Beat McCain!”. People handed me basketballs on the subway with one simple request: “Take it to the hole, Shaquille”.

It was insane, or, like being in middle school all over again.

But don’t get me wrong: it’s diverse.

Like a drama on the CW.

Or the traditional Greek system at your local university.

Or the RNC.

But I liked Montreal. The people are cool and I had a bomb-ass chicken sandwich there, so Je suis bien.


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