“That’s what she said”: A Week in Review #1

Lately–and by that I mean, for about a year–I’ve become a big fan of the punchline, “….that’s what she said”. I f*cking love that line. Love it.  I use this joke everyday. No really; ev-er-y-day.

Not familiar with this addicitive little ditty? Here’s a crash course via example:

In the following scenario, there’s person A and person B.

Person A: Hey B, how’s that assignment going this morning? Are you going to make the deadline?

Person B: Yeah; it’s long and hard, but I’ll get it out.

Person A:….that’s what she said.

And there you have it.

So, I’m sharing my favorite “that’s what she said” (here on abbreviated to “TWSS”) moments of the last 7 days. Enjoy.

(talking about a co-worker’s office): It’s hotter in there than you think.

(while eating fondue Saturday night): Just stick the sausage in there and swirl it around….

(leaving Montreal; the hotel doorman as he and I pack the car  trunk with our bags): “Make sure there’s room in there sir; we don’t want to just cram our stuff in here……” 

(yesterday, during our co-worker fantasy football draft, someone needs help finding a player on the list): “There he is at 69. Take him. He’s good to have at 69.”

"My husband loves eating in bed!"

Now that you’ve got it, send in your best TWSS moments!



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2 responses to ““That’s what she said”: A Week in Review #1

  1. Kristin

    You are one sick little puppy!! I guess you have a lil’ Zash in you!! TWSS!!!!! hahahahaha

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