New DEMS Doll hits store shelves soon!

Dear Retailers,

Just in time for 4th quarter shopping, DEMS (Diverse Entertainment Merchandise) is releasing a new doll sure to be swept off your shelves this holiday season!

“My ‘Bama” is our latest interactive plush-toy doll. “My ‘Bama” combines all the things that make DEMS products great: flexible, soft and inoffensively light-skinned -hearted.

“My ‘Bama” offers the following features:

  •  Miniature resume’ with TWO WHOLE POSITIONS listed on it!

    "My 'Bama" is the newest, greatest toy since the MLK and JFK Jr. diorama playsets!

  • From rosary beads to dradles: An assortment of accessories from all the biggest religious/spiritual faiths!
  • Button-activated “brush your shoulder action” for urbane fun!
  • An assortment of over 50 pre-recorded sayings, like: “It’s time to take Washington back!”…..”I have no intention of running for President”…..”Black men need to step up!”….”I accept your nomination for POTUS”….
  • A detachable re-recordbable voice box allows you to record your own sayings. Now “My ‘Bama” will say whatever you want to hear!
  • New, revolutionary 21st technology means that “My ‘Bama” will run on faith–no batteries needed!
  • And for a limited time: flip-flops!


DEMS is also pleased to announce that unlike its previous doll, “Ball-Bustin’ Fun Hilly” which retailed at $29.99, “My ‘Bama” will retail for $27.99 $20.99 $17.99. Our DEMS saving-doll is offering fun and change for your holiday shopper!

Please place your orders by November.


D. Pelosi, Pres of DEMS


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