“That What She Said”–A Week In Review #2

So, The Kids… is back with the latest installment of TWSS (“That’s what she said”). For those of you new to the blog, you can read the first TWSS installment here.

A quick re-cap though: “That’s what she said” is a timeless, and when used properly, flawless punchline.

It’s like the cockroach; when the world has been bombed to oblivion, someone will emerge from the rubble, look around the planet, shake their head, and say, “It’s just one big gaping hole now” and then another survivor will come out and say “…that’s what she said”.

In the meantime, I’m doing my part by using the line at every-single-opportunity I can get on a daily basis. I hope these entries inspire you to do your part, too.

Again, these are real conversations overheard or participated in over the last week (or so).

"Keep waxing the hood honey while I fix this meat"

(Football commentator responding to a QB getting sacked): “They used to be happy with the arm. Nowadays, they want to grab the arm, the ball and the sack.”

(music teacher, talking about students using new instruments): “Even after they’ve broken it, they still put their mouths on it and keep blowing.”

(Friend after completing a  2-day, 190-mile bike race): “We’d been riding it all day; I was so sore that I couldn’t imagine doing it again in the morning.”

(Same friend, same situation): “It was hard to start. It hurt the first 20 minutes, but after that it felt pretty good.”

(The “make-your-own-paper” guy at the Franklin Institute): “Yeah, you can have a piece too, but you’ll want to get it while it’s wet.”

See you next time!



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2 responses to ““That What She Said”–A Week In Review #2

  1. Tom

    That’s what she said.

  2. trejohns

    Heh; good one Tom!

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