Streets of Philadelphia

The Dems have been getting a lot of press and praise in recent months for recognizing, and reflecting the real America: young, vibrant and diverse. They’re the total antithesis of the Republican Party.


And they’re so savvy too.

When posed with the question: How do we get more unregistered voters in Philly registered?, the Dems surveyed the Philadelphia landscape (53% African-American/Hispanic-Latino; 49% under the age of 45…) and made the astute call:

Look Boss--The Dems! The Dems!

“Send in Bruce Springsteen.”

I mean, looking at those numbers, what other choice would’ve made sense?

Looking at those numbers, who wouldn’t come out to hear some good ol’ rock music on a beautiful Saturday afternoon?

‘Cause if you looked at those numbers, you’d naturally reach the conclusion that the best Dem-friendly act to send to the City of Brotherly Love’s young and brown is a guy who goes by the nickname “The Boss”.



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4 responses to “Streets of Philadelphia

  1. Yeah, bone-headed move. Did Bruce refuse to go to Scranton?

  2. trejohns

    I think The Boss likes to be out of The Office as much as possible. Har har.

  3. Terry

    I am happy to say that when people asked me where I was on Saturday I said “the Springsteen concert” certainly not “the Obama rally.”

  4. trejohns

    you should’ve held one at ‘Thrilladelphia”!

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