“That’s What She Said”– A Week in Review #3

It’s been awhile, so it’s time to revisit and get a little TWSS in your life. By now you should know the drill, and if you’re new to The Kids… please read the previous installments for more TWSS fun.

Ok, ok, maybe an example just one more time.

So TWSS stands for my favorite go-to line nowadays, “That’s what she said”, which I feel, is the latest and greatest in the pantheon of one-liner jokes, right up there with “Your mom”, “F*ck you” and “McCain/Palin”.

“How does it work, The Kids…?” you may ask. Calm down–no really, stop, calm down. Here’s an example.

TWSS Example:

(Co-worker A): Man, you’ve been chewing that pen all morning, man. You stressed?

(Co-Worker B, pulls been out mouth, looks at it): Yeah, this morning has been rough. Crap; I chewed the cap off-is there ink in my mouth?

(Co-Worker A looks): Oh shit, yeah–whatever you do, don’t swallow any of it.

(Co-Worker B): That’s what she said! (swallows ink, throat bubbles and dies)

And there you have it. And now, the latest installment of moments that I, or others, have used the phrased “That’s what she said”. Enjoy!


"Uh-oh; a little bit of skeet should put out my fire!"










(in the car talking to friends about gas prices): “Man, you’re paying $2.85 for it up here?! I think we get more from the pump at home.”

(watching the morning news by myself, and the news reporter says the following from a riverside/port location as a boat goes by in the background): “It’s a beautiful morning out here on the Delaware, with the sun shining and as you can see, I just caught a little tug on camera.” 

(sent in by a pal. This was the end of an exchange about beating Super Mario Bros. in a record amount of time): “It only takes 6 minutes if you do it right.”

(a friend after I address her by her real name instead of one of the nicknames that I usually call her): “Wow, you never say my name anymore.”



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2 responses to ““That’s What She Said”– A Week in Review #3

  1. Grids

    I’m famous!

  2. trejohns

    ….and dirty.

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