I’m Explaining Some Things

I’ve stuggled all day with what to say about last night, so I’ll merely share this with you:

Last night marked the last time I’ll be dogged by the 7th grade memory of being told by my Social Studies teacher that I couldn’t be Charles Lindbergh in the class play, but that I could be MLK, and it was the night that I felt vindication for my old students and I at Lee HS when we all dreamed together in class that once we stepped out the room, the world could be ours.

Last night made leaving and believing the above a little bit easier.



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4 responses to “I’m Explaining Some Things

  1. anita

    Aw.. I feel you Tre. For all of us I think it is the most important day in our country’s history in our lifetime. I’m celebrating with Oprah right now and her cheezy country/gospel/we are the same music.
    Love ya,

  2. Christy

    Tonight, we’ll toast to President-Elect Obama. And to the 7th grade you.

  3. Zoe

    Soooo…you had a class play with Charles Lindbergh AND Martin Luther King? That must have been one helluva play!

  4. trejohns

    Don’t cry for me, Argen-Anita.

    We were representing “historical figures through the ages”. I got to be a slave, MLK and Little Richard.

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