Life in the Black Lane

Superman’s probably the best-known, most recognizable superhero on the planet. He’s known for his , impeccable Caucasian features and boring movies. He’s like Tom Cruise in spandex.

But what you don’t know is that Superman is also a scientist. A super-scientist, of course.

Among them are his great inventions, like the Super-Robot, a time machine and the Snuggie.loislane106

But by far, his greatest invention had to be the “Super-Race-Transmorgifier” (pictured right).

With the use of this machine, Superman was able to transform Lois from a Georgetown/Rittenhouse Sq-living, latte-loving, Whole Foods-shopping, Grey’s Anatomy-watching, psuedo-Campbell Brown to……Pam Grier.

What I love about this comic book cover:

  • Superman’s nervousness about changing Lois. This is a guy who can fly through space, stop a train with his buttocks and see through you better than your girlfriend/wife, but is scared of Lois taking a walk on the dark side. I suppose though that even Supes knows that with his unproven machine, Lois might go black and never come back.
  • That Lois seems so excited about becoming a black woman (“Yes Superman! Close the Body Mold and turn on the (black) power!”). Seems like someones going to be calling up Luke Cage (click linked name) tonight.
  • That even to turn black, Lois needs to be bathed in white light. Oy vey.
  • In the span of one panel Superman’s face goes from concerned to ecstatic once he sees the new Lois. Note that he’s looking at her from behind.

And so,  the actual issue itself has Lois Lane spending 24hrs as a black woman. As soon as she stepped on the streets of Metropolis, her property value went down, she was made secretary at The Daily Planet, and was asked 17 times how she was “carrying all that”.

Needless to say, Superman soon after threw the machine out, though not before letting some of his other white friends use it:




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3 responses to “Life in the Black Lane

  1. Lucian

    Did Repetti give you permission to use his picture? (him in the sweater)

  2. trejohns

    I told him it was for a good cause. The white one.

  3. You’re suggesting a pretty radical cross-over: Luke Cage is Marvel.

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