The Kids….Presents: Quick Hits

So today here at The Kids… we’re doing something different by doing a rapid series of thoughts/impressions on any topics that I want to do. The goal is to get in and out; to hit you hard and run, like Halle Berry.

It’s almost Twitter-like.

Let’s do this!

  • Further proof that Kanye is the most Smurf-ed up artist we’ve got going in hip-hop or otherwise: meet new girlfriend Amber Rose, a woman who looks like the orgy lovechild of Annie Lennox, Grace Jones and Sinead O’Connor. And then stuffed their bodies into the back of her cat-suit.

    pfw ysl backstage 100309

    808's and Buttbreaks

  • Women that I wish that Chris Brown dated instead of Rihanna: Queen Latifah. Lady of Rage .Juwanna Man. Chun-Li. Things might’ve turned out differently.
  • With movie versions of Transformers and GI: Joe out, I want to make casting suggestions for a Masters of the Universe movie. For the lead roles of He-Man and Skeletor: Hillary Swank and Tilda Swinton. Doesn’t who plays who, it’ll work.
  • I don’t watch Ugly Betty because it’s premise–awkward-looking minority dork strives for acceptance, friendship as she navigates white mainstream society–is the cliff-notes of my middle and high school years. Except Betty’s got better clothes.
  • I wish there was a gun that I could use to zap Beyonce’ away and bring D’Angelo back. I’d call this gun “Justice”. I would also be ok with using this weapon on Fergie for, well, anyone else.
  • An island of hot white people afraid of “The Others”: Manhattan or ABC’s Lost?
  • Seeing how the kids turned out, don’t you wish DHS had taken the kids away from Mr. Drummond years ago instead?
  • How can that blind guy (I call him ‘Daredevil’) on American Idol be blind and tone deaf? Just seems unfair, doesn’t it?

Seacrest, out.


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