The Kids….turns 120!

That’s right, in blog years The Kids Don’t Get It has, as of this post, turned 120 posts old and is proudly celebrating its 8,516th hit as of this entry. In human terms, I believe that The Kids….now has nuts and is wearing probably wearing a C-cup. Yes, both.

Anyway, to commemorate this historic event I thought it’d be nice to take a stroll down memory lane and re-up links to some of the most popular posts here on The Kids….as dictated kid-birthday-cakeby you, The Reader. And so, in no particular order, I present…………….

The Kids Don’t Get It Greatest Hits:

1. I always knew that this blog was the sh*t, and I like to think it started here, with the first-ever C.R.A.P. entry.

2. Access is everything: thanks to our hacker-y skills, we were able to read Angelina “Dog, the Baby Hunter” Jolie Twitter-transcripts from the Oscars. And it was hilarious.

3. In the market for new jeans? Great, just don’t buy these unless you’re curious about what it’s like to be a woman, or, a cartoon character.

4. Pissed off your sweetheart? In the market for horny flowers? Go to this ranch and ask for Rosemary. Or Georgia O’Keefe.

5. Affirmative Action in videogames. Zombie, get your hand out my pocket!

6. Want to curse til you’re blue in the face? Yeah, me too.

7. Remember that time in college when you hooked up with your roomie’s mom? Yeah, she does too–forever.

8.  The KKK wants you to buy their video game too.

9. The next time they do ‘Wife Swap’, I’m putting in a request to get a mom like this.

10. Coming through a wall near you: Joe Biden!

…and since it’s my blog, I’m doing a top-11 instead of 10. Smurf-it, I figure–who cares? And so, #11: Want to know what happened to that crazy ex of yours? She’s making an army to come after you.

Thanks for making this blog the #1 blog on with the name The Kids Don’t Get It. I’d say that I couldn’t have done it without you, but then that makes it sound like I’m not doing all the writing.

And please, by all means, spread this blog around!

The Kids


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One response to “The Kids….turns 120!

  1. Ruh

    What, no Samuel L. Jackson post hoax in your top 11? LOL. Happy Birthday the Kids.

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