Worst Celebrity Faces: Goldie Hawn

Here we are at #9 on the latest, thrilling-est list from The Kids Don’t Get It.

Last week we started the list off with fugged-mug #10: the ghastly countenance of Bruce Jenner.

The plan was to submit another entry sooner, but constantly Googling and pasting Jenner’s aged-Ken-doll face all over my computer screen resulted in nightmarish dreams where I was strapped to a lab chair with Kim ‘dashian applying Jenner’s face to my own using her butt.


Banger Sister Goldie Hawn

Anyway, it took several days to shake that off, so Batman only knows how the rest of this list is going to impact me.

One must suffer for art I suppose.

Worst Celebrity Faces #9: Goldie Hawn

Kathleen Turner. Mimi Rogers. Goldie Hawn. That’s what my 80’s wet dreams looked like.

Kathleen Turner.

Mimi Rogers.

Goldie Hawn.

In true testimony to the time that was the 1980’s, there’s some real questionable taste there. And probably coke.

This list remained intact until several things happened:

  • Kathleen Turner’s voice only got huskier and dickly-er, eventually catching up with her physical appearance, a look that confirmed that she and Jamie Lee Curtis seemed to be drinking the same “DICK TO THE XXXXTREME” protein shakes. Seriously; nowadays she looks like Robert Downey’s older brother. This is the woman that did Romancing the Stone–yet ended-up being the World’s Hottest Voice-Over for the Who Framed Roger Rabbit? movie as Jessica Rabbit, the only cartoon character I’d consider let playing with my No. 2 pencil.
  • Mimi Rogers–well, actually, nothing bad really happened to Mimi Rogers (except, well, her consistently shit-awful movie choices), but soon the world introduced me to hotter, younger, bustier brunettes like Nigella Lawson and really, who can compete with Nigella????????

    Kurt Russell and Lady GaGa on the red carpet.

  • Goldie Hawn–oh. Oh. Oh. Goldie. I’m not quite sure what happened to GH; in movies like Private Benjamin and Wildcats she was probably the ultimate cute-hot combination. She was even still kinda cute-hot in Bird on a Wire with Mel “Screw Jews” Gibson. But then, well, she kinda disappeared from Hollywood relevancy until resurfacing with Susan Sarandon’s breasts in Banger Sisters which probably made less money than what http://www.bangbros.com (uh, I wouldn’t click that if I were you) makes in an hour. And then First Wives Club and–holy shit, I just Googled Hawn for some more info and just learned that she’s 64 years old.

I repeat: Goldie Hawn is 64 years old.


"Most people think we're sisters!"

But anyway–her face. Her Hollywood face.

Goldie’s face looks like it underwent a transformation that involved sitting in one of those military G-force flight simulators while being forced to watch daughter Kate Hudson’s movies.

The result? It’s like the old superstitious phrase, “step on a crack break your mother’s face”: the once-cute Private Benjamin would now have to pay someone (like say Kurt Russell) a lot of Benjamins in order to hit her private. I mean forget Banger Sisters; at this point I don’t think anyone would even bang’er face.

Maybe this is why Kate’s remained single for so long; usually a woman’s mother is a window into how the girl will look down the road.

It would appear that Kate’s window is going to remain shut for awhile.



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5 responses to “Worst Celebrity Faces: Goldie Hawn

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  2. eileen mcgraff

    Goldie still thinks that she is young and cute. Goldie wake up your a grandma accept it. You are not the girl next door you should be playing the grandma next door or the Auntie Mame type.

  3. Sare

    Goldie Hawn looks beautiful for her age, although it is obvious she has had some work done, she doesn’t look over the top plastic, like some celebrities. If I had the money, I would want to look like that in my 60’s.
    She is more attractive than her daughter, in a ditsy blonde kind of way, her daughter comes off more serious and sophisticated but still very beautiful but not bombshell material like her mom. If Goldie was single she would have the guys lined up around the block.

  4. lisalisa

    Goldie, anybody that says you and Kate look like sisters is lying! You do not look like sisters.

  5. M. F. Fabrick

    Oh Goldie … What on earth did you do to your once beautiful face?!

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