Worst Celebrity Faces: Wendy Williams

It’s time for another entry in WCF.

It’s the latest list from The Kids that’s brought you such mugs as Bruce Jenner and Goldie “I wear my privates on my face” Hawn. You can see the prior entries by clicking on the “Celebrity Mugs” category in the right-hand margin.

Otherwise, it’s on with the show, eh?

Once again, we’re peering at the underbelly of the Hollywood/celebrity world, finding the faces that foster fear, food-spewing and general what-the-fuckery.

The latest mug?

Wendy Williams!


Worst Celebrity Faces #6: Wendy Williams

I have a confession to make: I really don’t like Wendy Williams.

At all.

Not even a little bit.

If Obama came to me and said, “Kids, the country’s getting over-crowded and we can’t send them to Mexico or the Canadian wilderness like the old days. I need you to do some population control and I need you to do it now. Find some place to stash embarrassing ugly people that are taking up space here and keeping our penises soft with all their not-prettiness. You’re a blogger, right? You must have the power to do it. Whatever you want to do, do it.  I’m a Democrat, so I don’t care what or how much–spare no expense. And between you and me, if you have room in your plan for Michelle too, I’m cool with that. Really. I am. Hilary and I kinda got this hate-sex thing goin’ and….man does she hate Bill. And me. You should see the things she can do with a filibuster. Whatever, I’m rambling. Do your thing.”

And then I’d say, “it’d be my pleasure, sir” and then I’d reach for Michelle (“come on, tramp, you heard the POTUS”).

So instead I’d have to take the next best person: Alicia Keys. And then I’d take her, Fergie, Tyler Perry, Oprah and that weird-looking guy on Gossip Girls and launch them into the sun in a shuttle.

But you know who else’d be on there?

Wendy Williams.

I listened to Wendy Williams on the radio for a number of years; she was a pretty hot personality here on the East Coast. She was always so catty and chatty and gossipy and whatnot that her show was good for passing time on the NJ Turnpike passing all the oil refineries along the highway that they use to cook poor black people from Newark in.

But then, as her personality grew, her appearances did too, and eventually I actually saw what Wendy looked like.

At first I was confused: why’s Bill Cosby wearing that funny wig?

And then I looked again and said, “oh I get it–this is like when they teach the bears to ride the tricycle, only with a microphone, and instead of a circus there’s a radio station, and all of the bear fur’s been shaved, so we can see this bear’s  man tits and man-bear tallywhacker”.

Wendy Williams’ face is the stuff of comic book legend. I went to her Wikipedia page convinced of this, but found boring things listed, like:

  • born in Asbury Park, NJ
  • attended Northeastern U in Boston
  • rescued Han Solo from carbonite
  • radio DJ in NYC; talk show host
  • official Big Foot sponsor for Beef Jerky commercials

Boring! I mean, really; Northeastern University?

Anyway, what it was really missing was her tragic, comic book-like origin story, which I believe must be something like:

  • born on a faraway planet, parents were shot and killed in front of her and then loaded with her onto a space shuttle before planet exploded

    The transformation begins.....

  • landed on earth, raised by Al Sharpton and Esther Rolle
  • on a routine HS field trip to a science museum, bit a radioactive sloth, given super powers of huge face-ness and man hands

Or maybe even:

  • Tyra Banks was a mild-mannered lab technician before she was blasted with a gamma bomb. Now, whenever she’s horny, she turns into Wendy Williams.

Something like that.

So what’s her deal? Well, for one thing, Wendy’s had issues in the past with cocaine (“HULK WANT TO FEEL SOMETHING WHEN HULK HAVE RELATIONS WITH MEN, GOATS”), and the fact that she’s open about the fact that her breasts are made entirely of silicone and whatever they couldn’t use for Anna Nicole Smith’s breasts officially leaves only Popeye’s and KFC with interesting secret recipes for breasts.

Whatever her story is, Wendy Williams is celebrity #6 on our beloved list of Celebrity Mugs....and is complete!



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23 responses to “Worst Celebrity Faces: Wendy Williams

  1. heavy d

    No kids for more than a week makes heavy d a crabby man
    Merry Christmas and keep up the good work

  2. ssa hole

    you are a mother fucker for talking shit about wendy…]

    i bet you look like your mother -bee ahch!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Terry

    Wendy Williams isn’t a guy?!!?

  4. michael b. lee

    wendy williams breasts are so fantastic that they should count as points towards her beauty. i’d give anything to see, touch, hold and taste those beauties for one night.

  5. The one

    You’re plain racist
    tyra banks, fergie, and alicia keys are so effn beautiful

  6. Ja

    You think Alicia Keys and Tyra are ugly???? Dude!

  7. i hate wendy


  8. Love Wendy

    Wendy’s breasts are just fine, she needs get them out more often and show more cleavage! Watching her really gives me a hard on. Big amazon woman i love her.

  9. 2001 honda civic

    I love the Wendy Williams show.

  10. noncrazygirl

    I think RuPaul is a much prettier and more realistic looking woman than Wendy Williams LOL!!!!!

  11. jim

    Wendy has great breasts, shes probly packing a tree trunk too!!!!

  12. eagerusbeaverus

    Wendy Williams is beyond a hot ass mess, appearance wise. You have to be a Homosexual if you think Alicia Keys and Tyra Banks are ugly.

  13. shaunice

    i donot like your shows

  14. kidsdontgetitsuck

    lol i mad this guy took the time out to write how much he hates Wendy Williams.. what a lame! hahaha..wait I’m even MORE upset @ myself for the 5 minutes of my life that i just wasted and can never get back .. -__-

  15. gigi

    the only men i know that like wendy williams are gay ones. I have yet to meet one guy who find this vapid chick attractive. I even heard a gut say she looked like tyler perry undergoing a sex change. HA! How you doin’ ;p

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    Anyways, I’m glad I found it simply because your content
    is exactly what I’m searching for (writing a college paper) and I hope you don’t mind if I gather some information from here and I will of course credit you as the reference.

    Thanks for your time.

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