The Kids Don’t Get It are my musings, all the time, on music, movies, t-shirts, books and places to poop in Philadelphia. You’ll probably read this twice now.


10 responses to “About

  1. Queen B

    Hey Tre. Funny blog. Shiel hipped me to it. I got one, too – http://www.givemechivalry.wordpress.com. Can I add you to my blogroll?

  2. trejohns

    Definitely! How are you? Thanks for reading….

  3. Queen B

    Oh you know, hatin the game, but hatin’ the player more. 😉

    We should chat offline. I need some help with my blog. Ask Shiel for my e-mail. Can’t have that mess all public. 🙂

  4. trejohns

    FaceBook me. We’re both on Shiel’s “list”.

  5. Z. Wayne

    TOO FUNNY!!! GREAT blog! Putting that wry sense of humor to good use — and saying what many of us feel!

  6. Biany

    I met Brett at Freire this morning. He shipped me your blog..why were you holding out?! this is what Ineeded. It’s hilarious!!


  7. trejohns

    Oh B, how could I keep ANYTHING from you?

    Spread the blog around!

  8. Yours is one of the cleverest humor blogs I’ve ever read. Thanks for making my day better. Also, you owe me child support. Homo.

  9. amy

    Are you really married? Maybe you should put up a picture of your wife so we can analyze the beauty or lack there of of her mug. Or better yet, yours? On second thought, that’s really not necessary, your words alone are enough to keep all of America flaccid and simultaneously shallow. However, as I read you hideous and not at all clever excuse for a blog I couldn’t help but smile, because the fact that a man is sitting at his computer google searching celebrities faces to “mock” sincerely bemuses me. At least I can have a good laugh at the sadness of your life. I would suggest firstly, looking long and hard in a mirror, then if your tiny pea sized brain can manage that feat, looking a little deeper at yourself and the “pop-culture” you claim to comment on. And I will remind you that rating peoples physical appearance is an act is generally reserved for caddy middle school girls (who I’m sure would do a better job than you). And please, if you dare, post a mug shot of yourself for others to tear to pieces. Looking forward to hearing back! Good luck coming up with a witty retort, jackass.

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