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ESPN’s TrueHoop Gives The Kids Don’t Get It a Shout-Out

Slowly but surely the internets are catching up with the hilarity that is The Kids Don’t Get It thanks muresanto the recent coverage of the NBA season.

Thanks to Henry Abbott and his blog TrueHoop–it’s a collection of news, blogs, articles and interviews of every team in the NBA (though I’m still waiting for them to uncover what’s going on with Gheorghe Muresan)–which is a great read for those that want to be in the know with what’s going on, who’s sucking (…….), who’s hiding from Ron Artest and the ongoing debate about whether or not Phil Jackson’s really black.

You can see the awesome shout-out to The Kids Don’t Get It here:

…..this calls for more NBA coverage at some point, yes?phil_jackson

(looks at recent quardillion blog hits)


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Earning Your NBA Part 6: The Southwest Division

And so, here we are: the final installment of The Kids Don’t Get It NBA 2009-10 Season Preview.

You can read the first 5 parts of “Earning Your NBA” by clicking the tab by the same name under “Categories”.


"Ha! Bein' EVIL's GREAT! Ha!"

For a brief recap, after watching the MLB playoffs which was full of some of the fattest, cheating-est sons of bitches around–and that’s just counting Guliani sitting in the stands–I thought it was high time someone tried to drum up support for the NBA.

So I’ve done a division by division, team by team breakdown of the league. Here are some highlights:

  • The Atlantic Division: where we learned about Rasheed “Black Woodsman Cannibal” Wallace (Celtics), discovered an overweight Ben Affleck moonlighting as a PF (Knicks) and unlocked (?) A.I. Mudbutt (76ers).
  • The Central Division: Charlie Villanueva is the first Chernobyl baby to play pro ball (Pistons), Shaq’s doughnut sweat (Cavaliers) and head coach Vinnie of the Blacks (Bulls)
  • The Southeast Division: home of Hedo Turkoglu’s face (Magic), why Brendan Haywood loves riding wood (Wizards), and how the Charlotte Bobcats are destroying the African-American community.
  • The Northwest Division: where tattoos=NBA contracts (Nuggets), the 80 yr-old Greg Oden and Richard Pryor re-incarnated (Blazers),  and Utah perfects cloning Karl Malone (Jazz).
  • The Pacific Division: Pau Gasol escapes Che Guevara, Steve Nash’s pretty, pretty hair, and making love to Stephen Curry’s mom.

And now, the final division rears its head: the Southwest Division!

The Southwest Division (Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks, New Orleans Hornets, San Antonio Spurs, Memphis Grizzlies)

  • Houston Rockets: I lived in Houston from 2001-03. Amazing time, and by “amazing time” I mean, “thank Batman I made it back to the East Coast”. It was my own personal Escape from New York. If you have an equal love for strippers and burritos, urban sprawl and mega-malls, then Houston’s the place for you. Anyway, because I was there from 01-03, it meant that I was there to witness the very first game of Yao Ming; the much-heralded introduction of the China man that would Change the Face of the NBA (so they thought). Anyway, I knew Yao was in trouble when, while sitting in the stands for that 1st game, every time he scored or touched the ball, one of the fans around me yelled something along the lines of, “Yeah, give it to’em Jackie Chan!”….or, “open your eyes n—a!”….or even “karate kick his ass, Jet Li!”. As if this wasn’t enough, the Rockets organization–anticipating the confusion of Houstonians seeing a 7-ft-tall Chinese man (fearing someone would say, “you sure that just ain’t a brother with that Michael Jackson disease?”)–referred to yao-minghim as “Emperor Yao” and more amazingly, whenever Yao blocked a shot, hit a free throw, scored or drank Gatorade on the sideline they would make a gong sound on the overhead speakers. Amazing. I nervously waited for the day that the same marketing team would come up with the idea of having Yao bring Tracy McGrady out in a rickshaw as part of the player introductions. And poor Yao was interviewed from Day 1, initially only speaking in his native language….then eventually speaking in broken English (fitting right into the Houston scene)….then in a modified English that made him sound like an Asian Frankenstein…to his current English speech, which makes him sound closer to Marlee Matlin. At one point, the Rockets had Patrick Ewing as a big man coach, Dikembe Mutombo as back-up C for Yao and Yao Ming all under one roof–that’s 21-ft of gibberish. Want proof? Check this out.
  • Dallas Mavericks: Home of Dirk Nowitzski, the German 7-ft’er with the shooting range of Larry Bird and the face of a bad police sketch. Actually, poor Dirk is quite familiar with the police lately: his pregnant fiancee Cristal Taylor was arrested on a series of outstanding warrants and revealed to have at least 8 different aliases. When questioned by reporters, Dallas detectives commented, “we haven’t seen this many warrants and name changes since Ol Dirty Bastard”. On top of that, the Mavericks prized SF, Josh Howard, who once casually told reporters “yeah, I smoke weed occasionally”, was caught on YouTube at a flag football charity event where he said in reference to the Star Spangled Banner: “I don’t celebrate that sh-t. I’m black.” He then blew a huge cloud of weed and disappeared like a ninja.
  • New Orleans Hornets: how do you save a sinking city? With basketball of course! The N.O. Hornets have one of the league’s best PGs playing for them: Chris Paul. Paul is the energetic, quick, creative point guard that’s eva-longoria-spurs-jerseybeen likened to a young Isaiah Thomas, which is sort of like your daughter’s teacher telling you that she reminds the teacher of an “up and coming Jenna James”. Paul is flanked with Peja Stojakovic, who looks like a member of “Right Said Fred”, and Emeka Okafur, the PF/Cwho has now gone from black people-crushing Charlotte Bobcats, to black people-crushing New Orleans. This man’s life is clearly cursed.
  • San Antonio Spurs: With little-to-no star power, the Spurs have had to rely on Tony Parker’s marriage to make them talk-able to the general public. I mean sure, people know who Tim Duncan is, but Duncan’s got about as much marketing charisma as Lipitor.  Duncan’s biggest headline will be whenever he retires because it’ll be something like, “Duncan Leaving NBA to Return to Solo, Millenium Falcon”, or, “Future Hall-of-Famer Duncan Returns to Yeti Life”. To be sure, there’s other guys: the Spurs also have The Kids’ favorite Manu Ginobili, SF Richard Jefferson and the aforementioned peja073Tony Parker. But really, it all falls back on Tony Parker being married to Eva Longoria; it’s the only thing the Spurs have going for them. And how rough is that to consider? You’re a multi-championship-winning team that’s always competitive, boasts one of the greatest PF ever (Tim Duncan), full of likable guys on your roster…..yet your #1 asset is a chick that looks like she should be standing next to a concept car on a rotating stage. The mystery that is the public thinking that Eva Longoria is hot continues unresolved. America runs on Duncan.
  • Memphis Grizzlies: Pau Gasol left and was replaced by his less-talented brother, Marc Gasol who is sorta the “Khloe” to Pau’s “Kim”–or maybe Pau should be “Khloe” since they both play ball with Lamar Odom? Ah, whatever. This puts the Grizzlies into the category of “Sibling-Shared Franchises”, earning a #4 spot:lachey
  1. Brotherly Love (starring Joey Lawrence and his mutant brothers)
  2. Sweet Valley High (twins Cynthia and Brittany Daniels)
  3. Anything the Duff sisters do
  4. Memphis Grizzlies Pau/Marc Gasol
  5. Anything the Simpson sisters do (Ashley & Jessica; Maggie & Lisa)

This season, the Grizzlies have also brought Allen Iverson onto the team, after Iverson made stops in Philadelphia, Denver and Detroit–I actually think he’s trying to recreate 50-Cent’s last tour–before landing in Memphis to play for what might be the worst team in the league. I mean, sure, the Griz have Rudy Gay, Marc Gasol and Mike Conley–but they also have Allen Iverson and Zach Randolph–a man so crazed and erratic that even Isaiah Thomas let him go. I wish David Stern would create a new franchise team in some effed-up city/town like, ttetrenton bridgesay, Trenton, NJ. And then, he can start a team there that’s full of guys like this. It’d be a team with Zach Randolph at PF, Stephen Jackson at SG, Rasheed Wallace at C, Ricky Davis shooting craps mid-court and Ron Artest doing Ron Artest things like wearing a Scream mask during post-game interviews and hiding under the bleachers eating Snickers. The team would be called the Trenton City Dick-Punchers, and their mascot would be something douchey and punchable–but instantly obnoxious–like say Nick Lachey.

And so, that completes our Kids Don’t Get It NBA 2009-10 Season Preview (an abrupt ending, I know). Guess to make this worth something reportable, I should make some predictions for the season. Ok, here goes:

  • MVP: Hedo Turkoglu’s Face
  • Coach of the Year: Mikhail Prokhoro (Russian Mafia-assisted)
  • GM of the Year: Mikhail Prokhorov
  • Rookie of the Year: Mikhail Prokhorov (Russian Mafia-assisted)
  • 6th Man of the Year: Dirk’s ex-fiancee’, baby
  • Defensive Player of the Year: Ron Artest’s teeth; Stephen Jackson’s gun (tie)

There you go. Jump-ball has already started on the season, so you’d best get to watching.

The NBA: Where Magic Johnson happens.

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Earning Your NBA Part 5: The Pacific Division

We’re down to the final two Divisions in our weeks-long NBA 2009-10 Season

It’s been a rather fun, special ride, hasn’t it?

Are you just logging onto The Kids for the first time? Maybe just catching up with the blog after getting released from Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew? Well then, be sure to read Parts 1-4 of “Earning Your NBA”. In the previous installments we cover everything from the Denver Eastern Promises to Hedo Turkoglu’s Face, to answering the question, “Greg Oden: Man or Negro Tree?”.

In this penultimate installment of The Kids Don’t Get It Earning Your NBA: A Preview of the 2009-10 NBA Season (I’m trying to create longer and longer titles for special features like this), we’ll throw more questions at you, more funny, and quite possibly more sex for those out there that need it.

Now, let’s do this.

The Pacific Division (LA Lakers, Phoenix Suns, LA Clippers, Sacramento Kings, Golden State Warriors):

  • LA Lakers: How’s this team ever going to do press conferences? The NBA Championship LA Lakers have Pau Gasol–who looks like he just escaped from a Central American drug war jungle prison, Ron Artest–a man who probably fucks and eats lions for sport and Lamar Odom–who manages to get into the treasured Kardashian camp and walks away with the chunky, crazy one. WTF. There’s no way that Lakers’ owner Jerry Buss is going to let a single one of these fools talk; Pau’s going to recount his days living off of monkey meat and recording his thoughts on guava leaves or some shit; Ron’s going to talk about the bad rap that cannibalism gets, and Lamar Odom’s going to discuss what it’s like to make love to your wife, dreaming of your sister-in-law the entire time, and how weird it is to be in the same room with Bruce Jenner’s face. Which leaves Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson to talk, and that’s not the best scenario either since either one’s liable to be sleeping with your daughter.

    Rockets Lakers Basketball


  • Phoenix Suns: Or as I like to call them, “The Canadians” since PG Steve Nash is about the only person on the team that people are most likely to know/recognize. You know Steve Nash, right? Nash is the proud owner of the prettiest head of hair in the NBA. It’s true. During time-outs and team huddles last year, Shaq could be routinely seen brushing Nash’s hair. And the Suns have Alvin Gentry as their head coach; a guy who combines the look of a 1920’s Black Kansas City gangster and Joe Jackson. Oh, and All-Star PF Amare Stoudemire, who looks the world’s biggest welder thanks to the basketball goggles he’s wearing this season. All Stoudemire needs are shorty-shorts and a YMCA gym and he’d be a middle-aged white man.


    steve nash

    Maybe he's born with it? Or maybe it's Maybeline.

  • LA Clippers: The Clippers have to share their space with the Lakers. They’re the only professional franchise squatters to be found; every time the Lakers are on the road, the Clippers rush in and take over the place, pulling up the carpet, opening their Laker drawers, raiding their Laker fridge, wearing their Laker underwear. And they’ve been cursed with a series of bizarre injuries over the years to nearly every franchise player that’s come their way, starting with Ron Harper and ending most recently with the following injuries: Elton Brand (out 2/3 season with a shoulder injury a couple of seasons ago), Baron Davis (just joined last season and then as soon as he showed up his left nut exploded or something) and then this season’s super-high draft pick Blake Griffin–his legs fell off once he signed his contract. They’ve even got squatter-level celebrities; while the Lakers have the likes of Jack “Old Scratch” Nicholson and Jessica Alba; the Clippers have funny man Penny Marshall and lesbian Billy Crystal. Wait, is that right? I get them confused.



    Amare wears goggles to prevent his heat vision from destroying people around him.

  • Sacramento Kings: Like most things involving sacks (NFL, potatos, the dangly-things under your wang) the SACramento Kings are painful to watch in action, virtually untouchable and occasionally on your face. Huh? The Kings were never the same after they lost to the LA Lakers in the Western Conference Finals back in 01-02 in a game that was so fixed I thought it was endorsed by Bob Barker. Chris Webber’s knees and passion to live left him, as evidenced by his departure to play for the 76ers and date Tyra Banks, and years later, the Kings had Ron Artest, and his experience was so bizarre it robbed him of his insanity long enough for the Rockets to be wooed into taking him–and then subsequently let him go to the Lakers a year later once they discovered he spent his nights sleeping in teammates’ lockers. Anyway, nowadays the Kings, who are owned by the Maloof Brothers, are a total, dismal joke, unable to attract any real talent or maintain its once-rabid fanbase. This wouldn’t surprise you if you knew that the Maloofs once let MTV use their hotel/penthouse floor for an entire season of Real World: Las Vegas. I thought about doing a follow-up joke to this fact, but really, do I need to say anything more?
  • Golden State Warriors: The Warriors are anything but. They’re a team composed of Stephen Jackson, a guy so crazy that he’s listed as one of Ron Artest’s “top friends” on Facebook–and Don Nelson, who looks like he should be the Prime Minister for Russia. This is a team that loves to shoot a lot, and are dedicated to it, too: Don Nelson’s coaching style calls for the team to launch shots with reckless abandon–perfect for Stephen Jackson! Jackson’s been so dedicated to this new system, he practices after hours too. In the parking lot of strip clubs. The world’s your gym when you’ve got a beretta! Sadly, the league banned their players from using Twitter during the season, otherwise we’d get these exchanges between Jackson and Artest:



    "I made this one for God, because God likes bullets and shit."

stevejaxshots @rartest: what u up to, ron?

rartest@ stevejaxshots: watchin’ gossip girls eatin funions, tattooing myself. u?

stevejaxshots @rartest: wanna go shoot something? i’m supposed to do an appearance at a local hs in an hr for nba reads

rartest @stevejaxshots: hm, k…can we stop by porn shop tho? i need to start x-mas shopping. local hs? they’ll shoot u!

stevejaxshots @rartest: not if i shoot them 1st lolz!



The Warriors are happy to announce that Sonya Curry will be in our stands this season!

What could have been. Anyway, the Warriors also have young PG Monta Ellis, who sounds like an island getaway. “Come to beautiful Monta Ellis; preferred prison colony of NBA’s Stephen Jackson!”. This year, the Warriors drafted Stephen Curry, son of former NBA player Dell Curry. Besides his sweet shooting stroke, Curry Jr. also wins the award for the Hottest NBA Player’s Mom thanks to his mother, Sonya Curry. My goal is to befriend young Stephen–maybe trade comic books with him, or watch Spongebob–and get invited over to his parents’ house for a sleepover, and then get up early in the morning and ask Sonya Curry for breast milk, hold the milk. Or say, “man, this dinner’s really awesome, Mrs. C–but it’d be great with a little Curry on the side. And by “on the side” I mean “in my sleeping bag tonight after Stephen and I watch The Phantom Menace. He’ll be sleep by 10. I’ll leave the zipper down for you.”

Hey, you know who else has a sweet shooting stroke and loves hot moms? Stephen Jackson! That should be a Bay Area night radio show: Late Night Sweet Shots with Stephen Jackson


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Earning Your NBA Part 4: The Northwest Division

Before we start Part 4 of the NBA, a word from our sponsors:

Smurf the Yankees.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, let’s continue with The Kids Don’t Get It NBA 09-10 Season Preview: an in-depth look at each NBA team this season, The Kids style: high on hilarity, low on substance. Sort of like Barack’s presidency so far.

Ok, whatevs, let’s do this!


Is there room for KOBE BEEF?




….and here’s cuatro.

Northwest Division (Denver, Oklahoma City, Portland, Utah, Minnesota)

  • Denver Nuggets: The Denver Nuggets are the All-Tattoo team of the NBA. I mean, there’s a lot of people in the league with tattoos–even Commissioner David Stern has a tramp-stamp that says “KOBE BEEF” with a

    Chris Anderson looks into his future.....

    down-arrow–but the Nuggets probably take the cake. There’s the two biggest offenders: JR Smith and Chris Anderson. JR Smith is a guy so covered in ink he’s black by default. Then there’s Chris “Birdman” Anderson, who looks like he spends his weekend chasing colored kids away from his trailer. Together these boys look like they should have been cast in Eastern Promises. Anyway, the Nuggets drafted Baltimore’s own Carmelo Anthony to be their franchise star, and for the last 6 years, Carmelo’s had to deal with not only his Eastern Promises teammates, but going from Charm City–home of Ray Lewis Shanking Club–to one of the worst Real World locations ever. And his wife is named “La-La”. Does that seem fair? I guess it must be fun to at least say “I’m in La-La…….land.”

  • Oklahoma City Thunder: Annie get your gun–there’s NBA playas on the loose! The Oklahoma City Thunder were originally the Seattle Supersonics–through a series of mishandlings and poor planning–with a healthy dose of evilness–they were displaced and relocated faster than you can say “Katrina”. The Oklahoma City Thunder are led by Kevin Durant, who is about as muscular as Olive Oyl–but smooth as a baby’s behind. Because they’re a new team though, and extremely young, the Thunder have been pretty ...and sees this.bad since moving to OKC. Last season the OKC Thunder only won 23 games out of a possible 82, giving them a win % of .280 and enough losses to win “Prized Pig” on NBC’s Biggest Loser. This year, they’re projected to win more games, but even if they don’t, they at least have a cute personality.
  • Portland Trailblazers: are one of the youngest teams in the NBA. Or so it would seem. Upon closer look though, the ‘Blazers are getting older, and weirder. Sure, you have young’un Brandon Roy–he’s the team’s

    First freed Black man, Greg Oden.


    Shouldn't that say "Pryor"?

    leader and franchise player–and you have LaMarcus “I have to be in the NBA with this name” Aldridge at PF. But then the Blazers made two decidedly un-youthful moves over the last couple of seasons. First, they got Greg Oden who is supposedly a 21-yr-old 7-ft’er from Ohio State, yet strangely looks like a cross between a Tree Ent from the Lord of the Rings, and a black Benjamin Buttons. When man discovered fire, Oden was

    the one rubbing the sticks. Then, this off-season they signed former 76ers PG, Andre Miller, who I’m trying to collect DNA samples from to prove that someone’s actually cloned Richard Pryor and asked him to run point. All this and a town of self-righteous hippies who’d rather listen to NPR make this Portland team one to watch.

  • Utah Jazz: Next to Milwaukee, Utah, specifically Salt Lake City, must be the

    PF Karl Malone.

    worst possible place to end up if you’re a young black NBA stud. Actually I  think it might be worse just because they’ve got Mormons there. And once Karl Malone retired, not only did the state’s black population decrease 100%, the time there scarred him so much he’s living in the woods now! Nowadays the Jazz have PG Deron Williams and PF Carlos Boozer, though fans like to interchangeably call them “Karl Malone”. And by “like to” I mean “they think he’s still


    PG Karl Malone.

    playing”. Because there’s so few blacks there. And because they’re a whole lot of white people.

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Earning Your NBA Part 3: The Southeast Division

Aaaaand here we are: Part 3 of The Kids Don’t Get It‘s first-ever NBA season preview; a division-by-division, team-by-team analysis of the who’s and what’s on your NBA teams. You can read the first two installments here and here or by going to the “Earning Your NBA 09-10” tab in the right-hand corner. If you haven’t done so goldie-hawnalready, do please read them: the previous installments have breakdowns that are harsher than Goldie Hawn’s face.

Let’s continue by getting crunked (do people still say that? I’m not sure. But do you remember when everyone was talking about getting “crunked”? And they had “crunk clown posses” and shit like that? God we’re so stupid sometimes.) by going down to the Southeast Division, home to the Eastern Conference Champion Magic.

And if you think the name “Magic” is lame, wait til you read about the Southeast Division.

Southeast Division (Orlando Magic, Washington Wizards, Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Bobcats, Miami Heat):

  • Orlando Magic: There in the heart of Disneyworld, beats the heart of the Orlando….Magic. “Hey Kids–WTF’s a ‘Magic’?”, you ask? Good question. I mean, I can picture a Hawk, I can picture a Bull–I can even picture a Knick (only because it’s short for “knickerbockers” and because if you shorten that to, say, “knickers” and say that out loud–“Hey Jamal, did you see the Knickers last night?”, you’ll suddenly want to just say “Knicks” but still have a mental image and a bloody nose.)–but I can’t picture a “Magic”. When I do, I just picture fairy dust. Or “Gob” from Arrested Development. Anyway, last off-season the Magic got rid of Hedo Turkoglu’s face–opposing players constantly confused him with Dopey Dwarf–and picked up Vince Carter, a guy that was once
    vince carter

    "I'm just saying....have you SEEN Hedo's face?"

    referred to as “Half Man, Half Amazing” but based on recent years’ play, I’m calling him “Half-Assed”. Carter has spent his pro years playing for the Toronto Raptors and then with the now-Russian-owned New Jersey Nets Nyets before finally getting traded to become a Magic alongside of workhorse Dwight Howard. Can a workhorse and a 1/2 ass win a championship together? Now that’d be Magic.

  • Washington Wizards: The Wizards are the “Kim Kardshian/Paris Hilton” team of the league–lots of people know them, but they’ve not done much to warrant the attention they’ve gotten. Plus, I think they have herpes. Anyway, the Wizards are more famous for their off-court exploits in the media, than on. Take 7-ft’er Brendan Haywood for example. No really, take him. He sucks. But really, take Haywood: he got a lot of press this summer for his anti-gay remarks which is funny, because if anything seems queer, it’s an NBA team continuing to sign a 7-ft guy who only averages 7pts and 6 rebounds a game–Heath Ledger could pull down more boards than this guy, and he’s 6 feet under. Anyway, there’s Haywood and there’s also Gilbert Arenas, who used to have the NBA’s/celebrity world’s best blog, but has instead decided to focus on basketball. How novel! Both Haywood and Arenas were out for more than 50% of the season last year, meaning that they spent more time on the bench than being on court. I hope they play more this season; if they keep riding the wood that much, people will talk.
  • Altanta Hawks: Ah; Atlanta, GA. The original Chocolate City. Until about 2-3 years ago, the Atlanta Hawks lived up to that title, too. No, I don’t mean in terms of black people. I mean that they played like the “other” chocolate: sh-t. Nowadays, a lot of that has changed, though, as the the Hawks have become a legit playoff team in the East. Led by alliteratively-named superstar Joe Johnson, the Hawks are another one of the young guns in the NBA like the Bulls. Different than the Bulls team though, is that the Hawks are co-captained by veteran PG Mike Bibby–a guy who shoots more than Peter North.
  • Charlotte Bobcats: The Bobcats have the unique distinction of being the team that’s run by Mike Jordan. It should also be noted that the Bobcats also have the dubious distinction of being the team that everyone assumes should be playing in Division III college ball instead. The ‘cats have been mired in a losing quagmire since David Stern gave birth to them in 2004. Couple that "Get your hands off me, homo!"with having MJ at the reins of your team–this being the guy that sounded like the old WB Frog when he gave his Hall of Fame speech–and you know that you’re headed for rough waters. The Bobcats were founded/owned by former BET CEO Robert Johnson which should’ve been a red flag right there: to date, the Charrlotte Bobcats and Black Entertainment Television hold the #’s 2 and 3 spots on Yahoo’s! Franchises That Have Damaged Blacks the Most list, just look:

Yahoo’s! Franchises That Have Damaged Blacks the Most List:

  1. The Republican Party
  2. BET
  3. The Charlotte Bobcats
  4. Wendy Williams
  5. state lotteries
  6. (tie) Olde English/St. Ides/Colt 45
  • Miami Heat: Much like the “Magic” earlier on in this post, I can’t quite picture what a “Heat” is. I think it helps though, if you put the word “Miami” in front of it, because then, well, you can picture all sorts of hot, illegal Cubans, running the streets screaming Spanish obscenities and passing out cigars. I’ve never been to Miami–like Vegas, any place that’s on P. Diddy’s hanging out list is probably somewhere I don’t want to
    olde e

    Olde E: Doubling as the "ironic" drink choice for white kids and the Black Man's Poison.

    be–but I’ve got to imagine it’s an insane place to be if you’re young and rich and a celeb–it’s the exact opposite of Mike Redd’s situation in Milwaukee. It’s not surprising that after winning Finals MVP and the 2006 NBA Championship that Dwyane Wade missed most of the next season with a “groin pull” injury. I researched “NBA groin pulls” and after getting directed to Tyra Banks’ website several times (weird) I found that LA Lakers and Miami Heat players have suffered a disproportionate amount of groin pulls while playing on those teams versus any other franchises–except the guys that find themselves playing in NJ or alongside of Marbury, because you’re aware of how bad you’ve really f-cked yourself at that point. In addition to D.Wade, the Heat also have long-time F/C Udonis Haslem, who sounds like a muscle in your leg, like “D. Wade’s out with a strained udonis haslem”.

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Earning Your NBA Part 2: The Central Division

Part 1 came out the other day, looking at the NBA’s Atlantic Division: composed of the diseased 76ers, the Celtics’ 12 Angry (Black) Men, and Russian mob tactics at the NJ Nets training camp. Oh, and Hedo Turkoglu’s face.

This edition gives takes a look at the Central Division, home to LeBron James and a load of shitty teams.

Central Division (Indiana Pacers, Detroit Pistons, Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Bulls, and  Milwaukee Bucks)

  • Detroit Pistons: Hasn’t Detroit suffered enough lately? Between the mortgage and the auto industry crises, Detroit’s been hit harder than a Lions QB the last couple of years. And now, similar to the city they represent, the Pistons, once the toast of the NBA, is now something resembling those burnt little bits of bread that falls out of your toaster. Or something like that. Anyway, the Pistons’ roster is now an assemblage of freaks and castoffs. There’s Kwame Brown, who was first, Michael Jordan’s disappointing #1 pick when he was a GM for the Wizards and played alongside him a bit. Then, he got shipped off to the Lakers where he was surrounded by Kobe and Phil Jackson. Jordan, Kobe, Phil Jackson–most urologists don’t find themselves around that many dicks. Throw in Charlie Villanueva–who, with no eyebrows and a bald head resembles “Powder”, and you’ve no longer got to wonder why long-time Piston Rip Hamilton looks like he’s trying out for The Soloist.


    "Save me, Robert Downey Jr.!"

  • Indiana Pacers:….were the other team involved in the infamous “Malice at the Palace” brawl between the Pistons and the Pacers. Once the dust settled, the Pacers took a look around and said, “we’ve got to get these crazy mofos out of here”. Their roster at the time included Ron Artest (butt-sick crazy), Jamaal Tinsley (too fat to fight, but loves the weed) and Stephen Jackson who is 2nd to only Pacman Jones on the Last Dude You Want To Go Clubbing With list (with Stephon Marbury being #3). But yes, the Pacers have since had a makeover, gentrification style. Replacing Ron Artest? Mike Dunleavy! Standing in for Stephen Jackson? Troy Murphy! Along with Jeff Foster and Tyler Hansborough, the Pacers have done a total 180, going from the Wu-Tang Clan to 98 Degrees. Larry Bird says that they’re going after “character” guys now–nice guys that won’t smack ho’s and pro’s or stomp the scrotums of spectators. Yeah, but you know what? Basketball teams made up of “character” guys are like the big girl with the “nice personality”; fun to talk to, but the whole time you know they’re never going to really score.


    Dunleavy is part of the Pacers' attempts to win fans over again.

  • Cleveland Cavaliers: Team 1 Man just got more one-r (?) this season: to add some extra playoff and championship muscle to try and win it all this season, the Cavaliers management went out and got Shaquille O’Neal. At 37 yrs old and about 500 lbs, Shaquille is the “America” they’re referring to when they say, “America runs on Dunkin”. At this stage of his career, I think Shaq sweats cinnamon buns just giving interviews. And he’s supposed to help LeOverrated win a championship? Smurf Seth McFarlane; this is the real Cleveland Show. I mean really; who says, “you know what our team needs to win a c’ship? An overweight, cross-eyed giant that couldn’t run if he was being taint-tasered at this point!”….and yet the idea of Shaq playing with NBA uber-stud LeBron James is still funnier than anything that Family Guy has done in years. Shaq joins teammates Zydrunas, Jamario and Lebron to complete a roster that sounds like it’s made up of ghetto alien warriors.


    "Damn boy, you got one of those "prison"-cut bodies."

  • Chicago Bulls: Instead of Mike Jordan, they have point guard Derrick Rose. Instead of Phil Jackson, they have head coach Vinny Del Negro–because of his name translation, I call him “Vinnie of the Blacks”– since leading the Bulls. Anyway, Vinnie of the Blacks leads a team composed almost entirely of 20-somethings, making the Bulls  not only one of the youngest teams in the league, but also the team voted Most Likely To Start a Rap Label/Cameo in a Lil Wayne Video in the NBA Yearbook. Fun fact: wanna know who was voted Most Likely To Accidentally Get Emails From the NAACP? Vinnie Del Negro. Vinnie of the Blacks reminds me of one of my favorite jokes:

    del negro

    Vinnie Del Negro: Of the Blacks, for the Blacks.

Q: What do you call a white guy surrounded by 5 black guys?
A: Coach.

  • Milwaukee Bucks: Most people could probably name, or at least say “oh yeah; I’ve heard of him” about the franchise player on most NBA teams. Dwyane Wade? Steve Nash? Chris Paul? Most likely you know those names, or you’re at least familiar with them if you follow sports at all. But the Milwaukee Bucks’ Micheal Redd? His name probably sooner conjures up images of Fred Sanford than NBA superstar. Needless to say, Redd’s not in Wade’s T-Mobile Top 5; hell, he probably isn’t in Juwanna Man’s Top 5. Plus, it’s cold in Milwaukee. I mean cold. Perhaps the most amazing thing about Redd’s career aren’t his impressive numbers while playing in Milwaukee; it’s the fact that he’s not in the daily blotter for shooting someone, or done something crazy, like erected a climate-controlled bio-dome to simulate Miami, FL complete with all the chicks from Pitbull’s “Calle Ocho” video. There’s nothing crueler than placing a black guy in the cold with lots of money and even more weird white people. It’s like a horror movie. As a matter of fact, I only know two people who enjoyed such conditions: Karl Malone and a black guy from Denver I went to college with. Malone was so happy, he even became a mailman for the Mormons, and my college bud was so warped being in regular temps around regular colored people, he needed to keep a shaman’s pouch around his neck. I never saw its contents, but I’m pretty sure it had Colorado snowflakes, a pic of his mom in a parka, and some Dave Matthews lyrics. Something like that.


    "Back to the bio-dome!"

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Earning your NBA Part 1: The Atlantic Division

Waves and waves and waves of sports are washing over us this week.

Monday Night Football.

The World Series between the Barack Obama Phillies and the G.W. Yankees–one’s a promising, up-and-comer, the other an arrogant mainstay that feels entitled to be there. And will probably bomb your home in the name of democracy, defense and Steinbrenner.

Anyway, sandwiched between these two events–not to mention yet another Sat/Sun combo of football, of the pre-Pro and Pro variety–will be the start of the 2009-10 NBA season.

You remember the NBA, don’t you? For most of you, it’s the league that Micheal Jordan started, since maintained by Kobe “I’ll touch you in the dark” Bryant and LeBron “no, my 1st name’s not French” James.

But you probably don’t know much else beyond that, right?

Well, fortunately for you, The Kids LOVES basketball. And LOVES the NBA. And as one of the remaining 100 people still watching/following/entertained by the league, I’m taking it on myself to bring all of you back into the fold with an NBA 2009-10 Season Preview.

The Kids Don’t Get It style, of course. I’ll provide a preview of each of the divisions over the course of the week, with a look at each team within the division.

No more introductions–let’s do this.

The Kids Don’t Get It 2009-10 NBA Season Preview!

Atlantic Division (Boston, New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Toronto):

  • The Boston Celtics: The Celtics are like the league’s coolest co-worker league. It’s full of guys who’ve been around for awhile: Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Rasheed “Black Woodsman Cannibal” Wallace all rasheed_wallace11have 10+ years experience in the NBA. It’s basically like watching your old college pals get together: there’s the friend that’s always talking sh-t (Garnett), the friend that always seems high (Pierce), the bald one still gettin’ tail somehow (Allen) and the one that just wants to get wasted and eat you (Wallace). Sure, they’ve done well on their own, but they are always somehow more fun all together. And with both Garnett and Wallace on the team together, the Celtics become the NBA’s premier “Angry Black Man” team–both of these guys have biiiiig mouths on them, and the kinds of tempers you usually only find in Bruce Banner and “behaviorally-challenged” kids. Rasheed Wallace alone has consistently lead the league in technical fouls (earned for things like arguing with the refs or uncontrollably dry-humping the 1/2 time acrobats) for about 45yrs now. And I once watched Garnett–probably the NBA’s most excitable player–actually pee on himself, collect it in one of those orange Gatorade cups, and then drink it down while staring down the other team’s mascot. The remaining urine was collected and sold on store shelves as “G”.
  • New York Knicks: The Knicks have been criminally bad for about 8 years now. No, I literally mean criminally bad. Their former coach/GM/pimp, Isaiah Thomas, cost the NYK organization millions of dollars behind a sexual harassment suit. The team’s star PG, Stephon Marbury, banged one of the team’s interns. In his car. In the parking lot. Of a strip club. And then this was covered up. By Stephon and Isaiah! Worst buddy pairing ever. Well, both of those guys are gone now, and in their place is Mike D’Antoni, who looks like “Wario” from the Nintendo games, and David Lee, who looks like a Ben Affleck weight-gain role for Oscar baiting. You know the Knicks aren’t going to win, because the NBA’s one of the lone places still standing where White Guys Don’t Win.



    Good Will Balling

  • Philadelphia 76ers: The 76ers, for awhile now, have been trying to find success with a brand-new “A.I.” The moniker once used as shorthand for Allen Iverson has now been adopted by the team’s marquee player, Andre Igudoala, whose name sounds like some sort of butt-virus you’d get in the jungles of Central America. In addition to “A.I. Mud Butt”, the team also sports at least two other disease-sounding names: Jason “I’m sorry ma’am, you’ve got–” Kapono and Maurice Speights–which sounds like some debilitating condition that Ben Franklin would have had. This season also marks the (hopefully) triumphant return of Elton Brand, the 76ers $80 million power forward, who missed virtually all of last season after injuring his shoulder tossing all that money in the air.


    coach mike-d yelling

    "It-a wasn't a-me-ah! It was-ah, Mario! Not Wario, Mario!"

  • New Jersey Nets: The Nets, if you haven’t heard, have recently been purchased by a young, mysterious Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov. According to Nets insiders, Prokhorov has spent the entire Nets training camp time teaching the players how to make Molotov cocktails, substitute vodka for water, and how to escape the Kremlin with nothing but a spork smuggled in your buttocks. I don’t know much about Mikhail, but Russian+Jersey professional basketball team=sequel to The Air Up There.



    "No Mr. Kobe, I expect you to DIE"

  • Toronto Raptors: The Raptors have proudly been a part of the NBA’s “Player Exchange Program” for like 12 years now. The NBA PEP was created by the NBA and Canada as a means of securing Steve Nash. Canada said, “ok, NBA; you realize that we’ve spent about 2 generations breeding and re-breeding Canadians in order to make Steve Nash, right? I mean, he’s got John Candy’s durability, Howie Mandel’s cockiness, and Avril Lavigne’s hair. He’s like our Canadian 6 Million Dollar Man. If we’re going to let him play with you, you’ve got to send us some American players who will teach us American things like rap music and Chick-Fil-A.” And so it was done. The Raptors’ big off-season acquisition was Hedo Turkoglu, who looks like the lovechild of Hugh Jackman and Sloth from The Goonies. He’s paired up with the Raptor’s top big man, Chris Bosh, who now resembles Predator. Wolverine and the Predator on the same team? This I gotta see.



    Raised in a dank basement for the first 20yrs of its life, the Hedo Turkoglu enjoys his first taste of air and candy.


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